Marine Stewardship Council

All Ocean Naturals tuna products come from fisheries certified as sustainably managed by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The MSC standard is regarded as the most credible certification for seafood today. An independent non-profit organization, MSC developed science-based standards that contribute to the overall health of the world’s oceans by recognizing sustainable fishing practices and certifying the chain of custody that brings that fish to you.

To be certified, the resource fishery, supply vessels, and chain of custody must all meet the comprehensive criteria laid out by the MSC and undergo regular 3rd party audits to ensure ongoing compliance. Ocean Naturals is proud to carry the blue MSC Eco-Label on all their tuna products, so you can rest easy knowing you’re eating high-quality and sustainable canned tuna.

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International Seafood Sustainability Foundation

We think it is vital that we support global marine conservation initiatives such as sponsoring renowned scientific research by playing an active role in the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF).

All Ocean Naturals supplier companies and vessels are members of the ISSF.

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