Our Ocean Naturals Promise

We are passionate and committed to doing our part to promote healthier lifestyle choices as well as healthier fisheries management. The first step, we believe, is helping you navigate the issues and terminology so you can make the right seafood choices for you and your family.

We start by using only wild, responsibly caught seafood.

We are a proud supporter of the Earth Island Institute and all our products are certified dolphin safe, but our responsibly caught promise goes well beyond being dolphin safe. Being responsibly caught means that our tuna comes from healthy fisheries and are harvested using methods that minimize the impact to the ocean’s delicate ecosystems.

Learn more about the Earth Island Institute.

Every tuna product we sell comes from sustainable fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the world’s leading certification scheme for sustainable fisheries.

Our responsibly- caught products are harvested:

  • From target species populations that are healthy and abundant, and are currently being harvested at a rate that promotes the stocks’ longevity
  • Using catch-methods that limit ecosystem impacts
  • In regions where the fishery is managed by regulatory bodies that help sustain the long-term productivity of all impacted species

While it sounds straightforward, the issues and challenges these fisheries face are diverse. Fishing methods and their impacts, as well as resource abundance, vary from species to species and region to region.

It is just one of the reasons we strictly define and label what goes into each of our products, so you can always count on having enough information to make the best decision for your family. Each product contains 100% of a single species, not a combination of species.