Our Mission

Inspire and nourish the passion in all of us to live better, eat well, and help preserve the beauty and bounty of the world’s oceans for generations to come.

Ocean Naturals is no ordinary brand – it all started when our founder had the personal desire to create a truly premium and gourmet line of seafood products inspired by his memories of eating canned tuna in Italy. Born out of decades of experience and passion for the seafood industry, Ocean Naturals was founded to offer you authentic canned seafood without compromising on quality and taste whilst being responsibly sourced.

We are a small & mighty team and combined with our sister companies and close supply chain relationships, we control the quality of our products from sea to shelf. That’s how we can share with you facts such as the vessel and captain who caught your fish plus ensure it was responsibly-caught and carefully packaged.

A Fresh Way of Thinking

Taste the difference with Ocean Naturals – From the moment you open the can to taking your first bite, you will see and taste the difference in quality. We hand-select only the best of the catch and are passionate about carefully handling this prized bounty to preserve its extraordinary flavor. Ocean Naturals products are carefully crafted to highlight just how delicious seafood can be on its own. To us, the true test of quality is how it tastes right out of the package.

Straightforward Simplicity

Ocean Naturals starts with fewer, better ingredients and lets them speak for themselves. Just extraordinary wild-caught seafood and a dash of sea salt packed in olive oil. No additives, preservatives or functional broth stand in the way of delicious tuna. By prominently displaying the specific species name on the front of every product label, you will always know what you are eating so you can make responsible, informed decisions.

Good Food – Fast

Ocean Naturals Albacore Solid tuna, for example, contains a healthy dose of Omega 3 fatty acids and 30g of protein per serving. Not to mention canned tuna is so versatile and convenient you can put a great meal on the table in minutes. Think there’s only time for fast food? Ocean Naturals can help you serve up good food (fast) and feel good about what you’re eating.


What you’re eating and where it comes from shouldn’t be a mystery. That’s why Ocean Naturals packaging clearly lists the species of fish on each of our products, and why we’ve implemented a sophisticated traceability system that provides you with access to detailed information about the actual origin of the can of fish you’ve purchased by typing in the can’s lot code information on our website.


We owe a debt of gratitude to the sea for all her beauty and bounty. Our responsibility is to both educate and actively do our part to help sustain the resource for generations to come. Ocean Naturals starts by using only wild, responsibly caught fish. To us that means doing more than being dolphin safe. We strictly define what goes into each of our products by species and only sell tuna that comes from sustainable fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.