Asian Style Salad with Ocean Naturals® Albacore Solid Tuna


(Serves 2-3)

2 cans Ocean Naturals® Albacore Solid Tuna in Olive Oil
½ cup Toasted Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas)
3 cups Napa Cabbage Sliced Thin
2 cups Red Cabbage Sliced Thin
½ cup Mint Leaves
½ cup Basil Leaves
1 cup Carrot Fine Julienne
½ cup Cucumber Sliced
½ cup Green Onion Sliced

¼ cup Rice Wine Vinegar
½ cup Sesame Oil
¼ cup Soybean Oil
Salt to Taste
1 tsp Sugar
1 tbsp Ginger Finely Diced


Prepare dressing 1 hour ahead of time to allow all ingredients to marinate.

Then, in a large mixing bowl toss all ingredients and add dressing as desired.